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Brokers, Agency Owners, and Sales Executives Don’t Need to Blog.

In order to show your insurance expertise, you need to have fresh, high-quality, relevant content on your website and blog.  But consistently writing that content yourself isn’t sustainable (or efficient) for most sales professionals.

Spending your time writing great content is a low ROI activity compared to doing what you do best.  Ready to see pricing? Click here.

Without a Content Strategy You’re Relying on Luck.

When you occasionally write a blog post, create a social media update, or send a newsletter you’re signaling in that moment that you’re an expert in your field.

But your ideal client is unlikely to be engaged in that exact moment that you found the time to create, edit, and distribute that piece of content.  

In reality, your ideal client is looking for information on their terms and on their timeframe.  If they happen to come across your great content and it resonates, the next action they’ll take is to look at what else you’ve got. 

If your recent content is inconsistent (or non-existent) that ideal client is going to move on to find something recent and up to date . . . somewhere else.

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High Value Content, from Industry Experts.

If your job is to grow your business you shouldn’t be spending your time writing blog posts, figuring out the best keywords to rank with Google, learning how to optimize a newsletter for open rates and click-throughs, or coming up with your next social media post.  But that doesn’t mean those things shouldn’t be happening. 

That’s where we come in.

We’ve been in the commercial insurance and employee benefits industry for years – – and we are sales & marketing experts.  We know what resonates most with your buyers and we create engaging content that inspires action.  We deliver custom content, directly to your blog and email list and provide ready-made posts for your social media platforms.  And we do it every week.

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How it Works.

1. Quick Intake

Answer a few questions and provide a bit of data and we can begin creating content for your website’s blog, your social media channels, and your email newsletters. 

The initial intake takes about 30 minutes.  We’re happy to take more time if needed.


2. Create Calendar

Based on your responses our strategists create a 12-month content calendar.  This will include blog post themes and titles, downloadable content (checklists, guides, ebooks), and email newsletter frequency.

Typically the calendar is created, edited and approved in less than 30 days.

3. Content Creation

Once the content calendar is approved, our professional writers get to work on delivering high-value, buyer-centric, actionable content for your blog, social channels and newsletter.

As well, our designers and web developers create any additional assets and resources that will go along with your content.

4. Distribution

Each week or month (depending on the plan you select) our marketing technology experts ensure that your content is posted correctly and optimized with tags, images, and keywords.

This means that not only will your ideal buyers love your content, but Google and other search engines will too.



“Working with Agency Leverage is the best time we have spent understanding our business, who our best potential clients are, and how to reach them.”

Helen Ornellas, President | Ornellas & Associates

“Agency Leverage delivered more high-value engaged leads to our pipeline than we’ve ever had.”

Shannon Zajec, President | Employers Select Insurance Services

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