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Dennis interviews CEO and Founder of GenuineShift, Jenn Walsh. 

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About Jenn:

Jenn Walsh is the founder and CEO of GenuineShift, a business consulting company that delivers learning & development programs to fuel growth, optimize profitability and minimize friction for insurance brokerage firms of all sizes. She created the Client Service Academy in 2019 to address our industry’s talent crisis when she realized her clients weren’t going to have enough people to support their ambitious sales goals.

Jenn has 30+ years of hands-on experience driving organizational growth as a salesperson and business development leader. She developed her expertise in employee benefits within insurance carriers, a full-service brokerage firm, and by holding several national industry association leadership roles.

A sought-after speaker and industry expert, Jenn advocates a Client Service First Framework™ where Sales and Client Service teams align investment, mindset, and work style with a Clients hire you to be led™ focus. The goal of the programs Jenn has created includes onboarding new talent, upskilling junior colleagues, and resetting and recharging veterans – a particular passion for Jenn.

Jenn lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, adult children, and a chihuahua, Lolo, the 39th rescue she accidentally adopted in 2020. #fosterfail #fullnest

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