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What We Do

Marketing for the Insurance Industry

Marketing Accelerator

Our Marketing Accelerator program delivers benefits brokers, commercial insurance agencies, and organizations selling into the insurance industry an actionable marketing plan.

Our marketing plans are laser-focused on how clients are buying today (hint: they’re doing their own research and not picking up the phone) and use the most efficient and cost-effective innovations in digital, inbound, outbound, social, and content marketing.

Growth Engine

Following the marketing plan developed in the Marketing Accelerator, our Growth Engine plans provide ongoing done-for-you solutions to execute and sustain the overall marketing plan to attract, convert, and close your ideal clients.

Each marketing plan will identify a set of core services that are implemented and automated for your organization’s Growth Engine.

marketing accelerator for insurance agencies

Who We Do it For

Insurance agents marketing meeting

A Focus on the Insurance Industry

We partner with retail commercial insurance agencies, employee benefits brokers, general agencies, individual high performing producers and insurtech platforms in the employee benefits and commercial insurance industry.

Our ideal clients are ready to move away from the “brute force” cold calling lead generation tactics that no longer work and into a targeted program that maximizes ROI where they can market their expertise directly to informed buyers who are actively looking for expertise and solutions.

Our Clients

Agency Leverage marketing accelerator clients
Developing a marketing plan was a daunting task for us. We didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask. Agency Leverage did everything and delivered a comprehensive marketing plan – with minimal time and effort required from me and my staff. Participating in the Agency Leverage Marketing Accelerator is the best time we have spent understanding our business, who our best potential clients are, and how to reach them. Helen Ornellas

President, Ornellas & Associates

Why We Do It This Way

Yesterday: Marketing was a one-way broadcast event.


Historically, marketing to benefits, HR, and commercial insurance buyers has been attempted by announcing a product or services’ best qualities as loud as possible, via any available channels, and hoping the right people hear.

Marketing execution was delivered through event-driven campaigns (a new carrier, plan, rate, industry opportunity, promotion etc.).

This method relied on interrupting a prospect in the hopes that the timing was right for them to respond to an offer and get a quote.

Today: Marketing is a two-way conversation.


Today employee benefits and commercial insurance buyers are plugged in, online, and largely self-sufficient when it comes to researching their problems and finding solutions.

Buyers aren’t looking for your products and services.  They are looking for answers to their questions and remedies to their pain.

And, this is good news!

This new paradigm means marketers can now target, nurture, and convert ideal buyers from strangers into fans at a lower cost and with more accuracy.

Done right, this method is consistent, effective, and has a much higher ROI than traditional “spray and pray” marketing.


How We Do It


The Buyer Persona

Who is my ideal buyer? What questions are they asking? Where do they live? Who influences them? What triggers them to make a decision?

Developing Buyer Personas is the first step to really understanding how to reach your ideal prospective buyers and convert them into delighted clients.

A Buyer Persona is a semi-fictional representation of your organization’s ideal buyer.

Using data about your current clients, your organization’s differentiators, market research, and interviews with sales reps and producers, we create multi-dimensional profiles of each buyer your organization sells to.

These profiles provide the insights that allow us to speak directly to your buyers, with your voice, via the content we create as part of your Growth Engine marketing automation platform.




Insurance Buyers Journey

The Buyer’s Journey

Should I write a blog post? Send a tweet? Create a landing page? Host a podcast? Film a video? Run a Facebook ad? Send a series of emails?

The process of transforming a potential buyer from stranger to fan is known as the Buyer’s Journey.

Broadly, the three phases of the Buyer’s Journey are Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

Without understanding who your buyer is (Buyer Persona) and identifying what questions they are asking at each phase of the Buyer’s Journey, deciding what marketing content to create and how to distribute that content can be an overwhelming (and extremely inefficient) task.

Once we understand exactly where your ideal client is in their Buyer’s Journey we can deliver the appropriate content to them via the most effective channels at the optimal time.



The Growth Engine

Now that we know your ideal buyer and the journey they are on, it’s time for some magic.

Using everything we’ve learned and created in the Marketing Accelerator, Agency Leverage builds an automated Growth Engine that:

  • Signals the buyer as they are becoming aware that there are solutions to the business problem they are experiencing
  • Engages, educates and nurtures the buyer as they consider the ways to solve their issue
  • Influences the buyer to a decision by enabling your sales team with data and insights about their journey
  • Alerts your sales team when the buyer is qualified and ready for a call, meeting, demo or proposal



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