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How Insurance Agents Can Use LinkedIn

As you are likely aware, LinkedIn is a professional version of Facebook. The main difference is that LinkedIn is designed to bring businesses and professionals together within a forum that is conducive to building positive working relationships. Connections can be made locally, nationally and internationally, depending on the type of reach a person is looking for. The goal isn’t to make friends although, that can happen organically. For insurance agents on LinkedIn, the ultimate goal is to build a solid professional network that allows everyone involved to benefit in some way. This can be through marketing tools, business referrals, or sharing ideas and leads.

LinkedIn for Insurance Agents

Meet Professionals In Your Field

Every business owner is looking for ways to improve their bottom line.  After payroll and rent, one of the biggest expenditures for most commercial insurance agencies is marketing and advertising. To be successful, you need to reach as many potential clients as possible. Many agency owners and producers are now turning to sites like LinkedIn to build a bigger, more effective network where they can share ideas, find industry trends and insights and generate new leads. Seeking out other professionals who may benefit from what you have to offer, even if they’re not a potential client themselves, means professional referrals and ultimately satisfied clients.


Build A Solid Network

By design, LinkedIn can put professionals together who have the same basic interests and are willing to help one another gain an advantage in their area. It also helps business owners check out prospective clients who may be interested in what they have to offer. An employee benefits broker, for example, can build a detailed profile that contains high-quality content that signals they are an expert in HR and Benefits in the hopes of connecting with HR decision makers at prospective companies. Once one company establishes a connection, the agent has the opportunity to be seen by all the connections associated with their new client or connection.  Over time, this can turn into a huge network, each company referring others to their peers.

Interact With Connections

LinkedIn offers business owners an opportunity to interact with potential connections in real time. Through messages, blog posts, sharing, and liking another company’s page, they are able to work together to boost one another’s online presence. Interacting with new connections adds new opportunities for even more connections for each side. As more LinkedIn connections are established, the number of opportunities continues to increase exponentially. Connections can be made from professional to professional or by communicating within a group.

Find Out What Others Are Doing?

LinkedIn allows professionals to share their ideas, stories, successes, and failures. By paying close attention to what other professionals are doing, you can re-evaluate your marketing and advertising strategies.  Professionals who know how to make the most of their LinkedIn account understand that constant exposure is the key to making new and important connections. Not only can you use ideas from professionals within your own industry, you can also learn from professionals outside of your industry as well.

Share Ideas and  Generate New Leads

LinkedIn offers opportunities for business-to-business (B2B) connections as well as industry to industry connections. This is the ideal for companies who work primarily with other businesses. Insurance agents who sell employee benefits or commercial insurance can generate a plethora of new leads just by researching companies who may be in the market for a new policy, have an existing policy re-evaluated, or have another pain related to their insurance that they are looking for assistance with. When generating business leads, it’s important to be as professional as possible. Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn thrives on professionalism. The goal is for professionals to be able to share ideas and generate referrals and leads to establish strong working relationships where everyone involved benefits.

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While businesses use LinkedIn to share their information, they also reach out to one another by way of referrals. Once a connection has been made, either through a traditional sale or through a LinkedIn lead, providing a referral is just one way to share the wealth. Power uses on LinkedIn know that sharing their insurance agent’s information with other business connections succeeds in two things: showing faith in the company you are referring and helping another business owner find a product they need from a reputable connection.  If you’re not on LinkedIn, you may be missing out on referrals that are yours for the taking.

Maximizing the potential of your LinkedIn connections means actively participating in the professional community. Keep your name out in the mainstream by posting often or sharing blogs that contain high-quality content. Reach out to businesses who may benefit from what you have to offer. Show your appreciation to those businesses who give you referrals by sharing their information with your connections. LinkedIn only works if you put the time and effort into managing your profile and maintaining positive connections with other businesses, both inside and outside of your industry. The tools and resources you have available to you can help you extend your network in ways that other marketing strategies can’t. Explore your options and join a community of professionals who are dedicated to helping others succeed.

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