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B2B People are People Too

We talk a lot about the difference between B2B marketing and B2C marketing, but the reality is there are plenty of similarities.  Let’s start with an obvious one, in both cases, you’re marketing to humans.  While we’re not trying to get the Human-to-Human hashtag #H2H to go viral, we do believe that we need to start with the idea that we are marketing to specific humans and not entities or organizations.

Here at Agency Leverage, we are big fans of developing Buyer Personas as a key first step in any marketing strategy.  But we also understand that not every insurance agent or agency has the time, capabilities, or resources to build out Buyer Personas effectively.  While a Buyer Persona will move you closer to a better understanding of who that human is that you’re trying to reach, there’s a good chance that ideal B2B buyer is already on LinkedIn and you could be connecting with them, like a human – #H2H

You might already know that LinkedIn is the best social network for employee benefits brokers and insurance agents, but what do we do once we’re there?

The article linked below provides some excellent insights that benefits brokers and commercial insurance agents can use today to better understand how to use LinkedIn.  And the advice comes directly from the source, the interviewee works for LinkedIn Australia.

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To read the full post go to Content Marketing Institute.

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